Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating 14 Days of Love!! I’ll be there for you

DIESEL & LISA My crazy mother convinced my brother to buy me a subscription to for my birthday because in her opinion I should have been in a serious relationship when I was nearing my late 20s and not a single woman roaming around NYC and enjoying the single life. So, just to annoy the hell out of her I never logged in to Match, until I was bored at home and was like, what the hell...I can always get a free dinner if the date doesn't work out. Diesel "winked" at me, and I was not going to reply. I actually shut down my computer and said to myself forget it...I wasn't going to put up satisfying my mother and go on a date, it probably wouldn't work out anyways. But I guess curiosity got the better of me and I replied to him. We started chatting on line, and a few weeks later decided to meet up. Our choice of location was not the best-Dave and Busters in Times Square. So after getting a bite to eat we decided to leave. I figured as we left I can go left to Port Authority and he could go right to the subway if he wasn't interested. Instead he decided to lets go out for some coffee. A couple of days later he braved the bar and met all of my coworkers...and a few days after that we had our first date at the movies. The rest is history...We're married now 4 years after. He's the most supportive and loving husband...

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