Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating 14 Days of Love!! At Last

1.How did you meet?

Lawrence and I met in 1996 when I saw him on the day he interviewed with the company where I worked.

2. How did you know he or she was the one?

I knew he would be my husband the first moment I saw him. I just felt it!! But it took me a while to convince him of that so I had to be patient and wait...and wait...and wait!

3. What advice would you give a young couple?

Be patient. Be honest. Be willing to compromise. Be true to yourself. Be ready to share and communicate.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking for "that One"?

Before you can make "lists" about what you want in a mate, you must first know who you are and that takes time. Once you know who you are, you have to be open and receptive to what God has for you. More than likely, most of the points on your "list" are based on the material standards and jaded perceptions of other people. Over time you will see that the "list" doesn't even matter. But what does matter is if that person makes your heart warm, do they make you laugh and smile, are they genuinely concerned about your well being, etc. In my opinion, if sentiments like that are on your list, then everything else, like the material things, will all come naturally!

5. How long have you been together?

Ok here's the breakdown: We met in 1996 and started dating in 1997. Sadly we broke up in 2002 but we got back together in 2008 and were married September 24, 2010!!

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