Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating 14 Days of Love!! 35 years and still going strong

1. How did you meet?

Our families were at a convention for Jehovah's Witnesses and I happen to be in the pizza shop nearby talking to a friend of hers when she walked in an walked over to the juke box (lol yes juke box) and she was looking to get change so I played big spender and put a quarter on the thing and she said thank you. I asked for her number and the rest is history. That was 1975

2. How did you know he or she was the one?

Well once we started talking on the phone and made my moms phone bill real high lol I knew she better be the one, actually when we started writing letters and I would recite old songs (from the 70's) to her in my letters as ways to say how I felt. But even before that I went to her school Nov 1st 1975 because it was Black Solidarity day and we walked around Fordham Road in the Bronx then we went around her way and I met her older sister (R.I.P) and I said I'm going to marry your sister (I was a prophet) lol once I said that my whole insides changed and felt good. so we got engaged Dec 16 1976 and got married July 1st 1978.

3. What advice would you give a young couple?

Remember the qualities you found in your mate and realize they are still there, the more you search elsewhere the less you will see them at home. Understand being together is a union that each of you share, its 50/50 because its not always about money if you dont have enough she may say I got it this month but you can do other things to offset the load. Understand that communication is sooooo important cause if you allow things to fester one day it will explode. I never go to bed upset or mad we always go to bed peaceful. Resolve all your issues or at least enough to insure both of you end the day happy with the soloution.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking for "that One"?

To stop!!! you don't need to look, how many times do we look for something and settle for less? When we go to the store for something and dont see it we come out with something that soon as we get home we go dayum I didn't want this. So I didn't go looking it just happened. Continue to build a relationship with yourself and the Lord so when you do meet him/her you will know who you are and can better built a lasting relationship. BE YOURSELF!!

5. How long have you been together?

WOW I met my wife in Oct 75 we got engaged Dec 16th 1976 and got Married July 1st 1978 so its been 35 years.

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