Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrating 14 Days of Love!! I knew you were waiting for me

1. How did you meet?

We met on Dec.18th 2008 and are in love with each other more now than two yrs ago. He literally changed my life. When I met Dennis I on a whirlwind of depression and anxiety. I did not know what I wanted and who I was and Dennis made it his obligation to love me unconditionally no matter how much I pushed him away because I had no love for myself. He helped me realized I was worth loving myself and that I am not perfect and mistakes are always going to be made but that I should be able to forgive myself and move on to brighter days. He took care of me as a woman and as a human being. This is truly the first time in my life I ever had a man love me for me and first time in my life I actually know what it feels like to have unconditional love and to be in love. I have been through so much abuse from sexual to mental abuse from the age of 7 and it was all I knew growing up so meeting him was such a wonderful breathe of fresh air and a gift from God.

2. How did you know he or she was the one?

I knew he was the one because the first he looked at me on our first date my heart dropped and that never happened to me before and when we had phone conversations we would say the same things at the same time simultaneously.

3. What advice what you give a young couple?

Young couple should learnto build each other up as opposed to tear each other down at the first site of argument and allow their partner to be who they are with accepting their flaws, faults and imperfections. They have to be willing and able to make positive changes within themselves for the other person.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking for "that One"?

Discover who you are, love and accept yourself in order for you to love and accept whoever comes into your life that could be the one. Once you are complete and happy within your heart, soul, mind and spirit you will be so aware when the ones comes around it will be felt in your heart and you will know.

5. How long have you been together?

2 yrs on Dec. 18th 2010

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