Friday, March 4, 2011

Sheneese Starr & Lytoya Parker "The In Your Face Movement"

This ‘sickness’ plagues many people all across the United States. While we have had our series of Awareness Rallies in New York, we are COLLECTIVELY coming together from different corners of the world as we March TO Washington and Conclude our series of Rallies with the biggest of them all: in Washington D.C… IYF has been purposed to dispel the popular misconceptions, along with bringing about the awareness and ‘true’ education regarding the Prison Industry, the Prison Business. The Walk to Washington’s sole purpose is to spread awareness on a larger scale; causing people to look, think and then take CONTINUED action until we achieve our desired outcome. The W2W has a purpose of sending a message to the masses and our loved ones incarcerated a like that we haven’t forgotten about the oppressed housed behind the prison walls and that we too are aware of the ‘true’ agenda of the Prison Industry. We are walking for those whom have had their rights and hope walked upon! We are walking to BEGIN the process of ‘freeing’ an ‘unfree’ society. We look forward to you joining us REGISTER @ More Information Contact: Sheneese Starr @ 610-802.0003 or
Sheneese Starr
The In Your Face Movement

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Denise, this is a very important topic. I strongly encourage you to connect with others who are doing similar things. There is strength in numbers. Check out and