Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dhylles Waight - KatWalk Katerers

KatWalk Katerers was created and founded by me Dhylles Waight and Business Partner and soon to be husband Dennis Davis. It has been a life long dream to own my coordinating and talent management company since I was 18 yrs when I coordinated my high school prom and my grandparents' wedding anniversary and birthday party. During that time I was also modeling with a group in Belize and was interested in a career in modeling but was not that confident about really getting into it until I was 31 yrs old. I started modeling in March 2008 and decided to try my hand in coordinating my first fashion show five months later in August of 2008 and never looked back. I have had over all a wonderful experience thus far modeling as well as coordinating and have always been asked by aspiring models to assist them in getting a modeling career going for themselves. Through my experiences and mistakes I am able to assist those in the right path and giving them the proper information to fulfill their dreams. KatWalk Katerers is a fashion event coordinating and talent managment company that has a variety of services. We coordinate Fashion Shows, Vending Expos, Fundraisers,Castings, Photoshoots, Internship Programs for students going to school for careers within the Entertainment Field and much more. Our company is a family oriented based business where all of our members are encouraged to utilize their many talents besides entertainment in order to further their dreams and aspirations. Our team is made up of all nationalities, shapes, sizes and height. Our main goal at KatWalk Katerers is to ensure that our team develops skills and experience that will enable to become their own employers in the future. -- Dhylles Waight Co-Founder & President of KatWalk Katerers, LLC www.KatWalkKaterers.com 347-863-4755
Dhylles Waight
KatWalk Katerers

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