Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jeannie Ferguson - BGU

It was in 2002 that fashion designer; Tasha Hill decided to fulfill her desire to design clothing for plus size women. Some would argue why this tall and slender framed designer would have an interesting plus designs? How could she possibly know what would appeal to women whose bodies types differed from hers and who often could not readily find pieces that reflected sex appeal and sophistication while accentuating the art of curves? The answer was simple: her older sister and the face of BGU, Jeannie Ferguson. Weighing in at over three hundred pounds at one time, Jeannie rallied for the same modern fashion trends for the average plus size woman. Her feelings were if the current retail chains were not going to design, contemporary pieces with the fuller woman in mind, then it was time to do it themselves. Jeannie knew what it was like to shop for clothing and not find adequate pieces that lacked proper fit and sexy conservatism. Thus, she teamed up with Tasha and decided together they would become the brand that delivered what the fashion industry had been missing. The concepts they orchestrated for the debut of BGU (Big Girls United) were based on a combination of personal style, current trends, precise craftsmanship and careful garment selections. It was their goal to eliminate the idea that the curvy women had to hide their shape behind dark colors. BGU made their designs in bold vibrant colors that spoke volumes to consumer’s expectations. Tasha’s background in fashion design coupled, with Jeannie’s plus-size modeling expertise lead them to have a keen knowledge of the industry and how clothes can heighten confidence and self esteem if done tastefully and skillfully. BGU prides itself on providing trendy, contemporary, and ready to wear collections for the stylish curvy fashionista who likes to keep up with the ever changing styles in the world of fashion. The mission behind their designs is to unite all women of different ethnic backgrounds who embrace their curves and are full of self confidence by being secure with their bodies. BGU has and will continue to represent a lifestyle for women who understand that style is not dictated by size. With pieces that have been worn by celebrities such as R&B soul singer, Jazmine Sullivan and seen on the runway of noteworthy shows such as Full Figured Fashion Week, BK Fashion Weekend, and in publications such as Ebony Magazine, BGU is for women who are consciously choosing to flaunt their curves with fitting soft fabrics that show creativity, sass and flavor!
Jeannie Ferguson

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