Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trudie Tapper-Coverdale - TruButter

I have always dreamed of leaving corporate America to work for myself, running my own business. I feel that if I am going to work 70 hours per week, I want that time to be spent realizing my own venture as opposed to realizing someone else’s. Bringing my dream to life has been challenging, but I love every minute of it. TruButter was born from the need to find effective deep moisturizing skin care products. With a background in environmental science, I began making products for my husband who wanted a moisturizer that lasted longer than 4 hours. After some thought and research I decided on ingredients and our first body butter was born. The first products were only given to close friends and family, but quickly spread to friends of friends. Soon after the line was picked up by stores. When the products sold out the same day we dropped them off, we knew were onto something good. I found I have so much passion and drive for creating natural products that I started taking courses and attending conferences about how to use natural resources such as fruit butters, nut and flower oils and researched essential oils and skin types. That passion for quality products has led me to my advance my knowledge of nature’s resources and purse a master’s degree in Cosmetic Science. Where I will gain a greater breadth of knowledge that will allow me to create more complex products using the best ingredients. TruButter is my passion, and I want people to benefit from the world’s best natural ingredients. It has been almost six years since TruButter was born and we have grand plans for the future. Now, we’re making products and meeting new people every day. We love what we do. Creating products that reduce stress and revive skin while respecting the benefits and balance of nature, all to enhance a person’s daily wellness routine. www.trubutter.com

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