Friday, March 13, 2009

Lynx Garcia (Supersize Spanishfly)

Lynx Garcia, also known as "Supersize Spanishfly", is a single mother of one, and a Latina bbw from corona, queens, New York. An activist, speaking out against size discrimination, Lynx began performing back in 1996 at social events for BBW's and BHM.s (big beautiful women and big handsome males) and began to build a solid reputation for her performances. Her singing, rapping and spoken word performances at various events in the tri state area, soon put her in demand at Big and Beautiful parties nationwide. After several years of performing and showcasing her talents, Lynx decided to take her look and sound main-stream, only to have the doors slammed shut in her face, because of her size. But she did not let this break her spirit, hurt her confidence or minimize her drive. Instead she put all of her energy into starting a public-access TV series that would not only promote her talents, but others as well. Thus she created Lynx's Lair, airing in Queens on Time Warner's QPTV, channel 56 on Tuesday nights. Lynx's Lair became a showcase for upcoming, as well as prominently known artists from all walks of life. From the pioneer B-boys and girls of Hip-Hop like, Kool Herc, Grand Master Caz, DJ Disco Wiz, and The Beat-nuts, to spoken word artists such as Joell Ortiz, Alvare (winner of the UMA Best Latin Hip-Hop Artist Award), Sano-In (of the Latin Hip-Hop connect), La Bruja, Ice T and his wife Coco,Notch, Noriega. Lynx has had them all in her Lair and has created a series that gives a voice and a platform to the artists and performers who can't get the mainstream exposure afforded to artists signed to the major corporations. The response to her show was phenomenal. In less than a year she had showcased so many artists (some who have moved on to bigger and better things) that she herself became a popular figure on the New York City entertainment scene. In fact, Lynx can't walk down the street without people running up to her to give her compliments on the program, as well as their CD's and demos. She receives hundreds of e-mails monthly from artists and fans alike as her two myspace pages are in heavy demand and her BBW community supports her every move. In 2005 Lynx caught the attention of Joey Mekkah of Black Solaris Entertainment and soon found herself on Grand Master Mele Mel's new solo album "Muscles; featured on the hot Latin hip-hop track; 'Dimelo". She is the only collaboration on the album with the legend, and describes the experience by stating; "even though Mel comes across extremely hard on stage, in reality he is the most humble person that I've ever met. To me, it's was an honor just to work with a living legend, but then to be able to actually call him a friend as well is a blessing on yet another level." In January of 2008 Lynx received the surprise of a lifetime when the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Melle Mel came out to present Lynx with Curvesity's "You make a Difference" award. Lynx is well known and loved in the Hip Hop community. She has been embraced by artists such as Grandmaster Caz, Ice T and his wife Coco and most every single pioneer in the Hip Hop community as well as underground social conscience Mc's like Nyoil and Supa Nova Slom and has joined the Unify The Hood, Heal the Hood crusade. Fans of Lynx Garcia can hear (and download) her weekly show on "Extravagangsta radio" on Friday nights. "Extravagangsta" is #1 on the itunes network and averages roughly, about 45 to 50,000 downloads weekly with 250,000 listeners worldwide. Lynx and the crew of E.G. Radio were featured in the December issue of the Source magazine in an article about the grass roots media coverage of The Jena Six. They can also follow her exploits by checking out her blogs at [Si] The [Si] TV website is an extension of the television network that provides entertainment based content geared toward the Hispanic and young adult markets. The website features interviews, reviews, blogs and photos as well as an on line community platform, similar to that of myspace and facebook. Lynx's blog topics vary from political and social issues to light and insightful observations based on everyday life. Lynx was also featured in a profile on Telemundo' TV/channel 47's morning show in a very dramatic and moving piece revolving around her weight issues and trying to excel in the entertainment business. The piece was so well received that Telemundo' is planning to do a follow up in the coming months because of the viewer response. Lynx Garcia and her management are currently in the development stages of a reality show pilot based around her exploits. She is an avid activist, supporting movements revolving around The Jena Six, Justice For Sean Bell,the genocide in Darfur and animal rights. Lynx hosts rallies for protesting against police brutality and Immigrants Rights. Lynx is currently writing for a website dedicated to "Building Ethnic Unity" and has been recognized for her Hood Healer Series Lynx has been acknowledged for her efforts in raising awareness on the tensions that exist between the black and brown gangs of California as well as her coverage of the historical Peace Treaty by various gangs in Greensboro North Carolina and is often called upon by other media outlets for updates such as and Redding News Review and WRFG Fm radio.."Lynx Garcia has been our best resource in trying to cover the efforts of the gangs to reach a peaceful solution. That's what the community is not hearing about in the press. The gang members have to be a part of the reconciliation process in order for black and brown unity to sustain itself." Bruno GastonWRFG-FM AtlantaCo-ProducerThe Tambor"In Lynx Garcia I have found a unique blend of intellect, passion and personality. Her insight into the shared cultural, historical, and political experience and realities of 'Black' and 'Latino' peoples is invaluable. She embodies the next level of activism that marries the use of cutting edge technology with a presence on the ground, and in the streets. Lynx Garcia is a reservoir of guidance for this generation, and beyond..."Cedric MuhammadCEO/ and The Black Coffee Channel Lynx Garcia, aka Supersize Spanishfly is a living testament of beating the odds and realizing her dreams despite society's view of the overweight. Along with her beauty, talent and confidence, Lynx credits her dedication and perseverance to the support of her friends and family and her faith in God. She is currently working on expanding her Lynx's Lair cable show, and placing it as a podcast in conjunction with E.G. Radio. She also writes a new music report for "Large in Charge" magazine, and is the subject of a cover story in the premiere issue of the new online periodical; Pearadigm magazine, which features an insightful interview and a great photo spread.

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