Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Robbyne Kaamil

I was born and bred in the Bronx thus proving to the world that civilized people are able to coexist with crack heads, criminals and crooked cops. After changing my major 3 times in college I decided to get my degree in history. If the truth be told I would have preferred to have my ass up on a stage. I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. (I must have been a drag queen in a past life. I came back with real titties this time. Thank you Jesus!) Despite my artistic yearnings I went into teaching after college. I taught GED preparation to high school drop outs and women on AFDC (for all you uppity bitches that’s Aid to Families with Dependent Children aka Welfare). Teaching left me unfulfilled and stressed. But after college I was unemployed and a bitch has got to eat. Several years ago after a long day at work and a bag of weed I had a vision. (It was some good shit!) I started to give in to my creative urges. I started writing poetry and short stories. I first shared my work with the world when I collaborated with a visual artist by composing poems to accompany his work. My shit was so “in-your-face” that the gallery yanked it. This experience inspired me to produce a body of work including my book “Get Off The Titty: Poetry That Bites” and my one woman show, "Robbyne Kaamil: Raw & Real…Life From One Woman's Perspective" (Now available on DVD) My in-your-face style landed me appearances on numerous television and radio shows including The Howard Stern Show and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I’ve also added comedian, talk show host, voice-over artist, full-figured model and motivational speaker to my resume. Several years ago a friend was putting together a e-zine and I suggested that she needed an advice column for real people with real issues. I was so tired of the passive shit I’d read in other advice columns. Sometimes it’s best to dump a motherfucker and not try to work it out. Who needs the drama?! This is a new day. It’s time to free your mind and your soul. It’s time to get real and stop the madness. My philosophy is If you’re not real with yourself you can’t expect the world to be real with you. I created the site to help you get to the truth. The truth is the light! Can I get an Amen?! http://www.canwebereal.com

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