Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ivette Attaud-Jones

A social entrepreneur, former Fort Bragg Army wife and a 20 year survivor of domestic violence. After the loss of her infant twin daughter to domestic violence and beginning her journey to healing, she has made it her mission to speak out against domestic violence by raising awareness within the faith based community. She is also the author of Silent No More, A Woman’s Story of Surviving Domestic Abuse in the Military, soon to be published. She has also served on the Battered Women’s Justice Committee of Voices of Women Organizing Project and received a Certificate of Completion in Victim Assistance Training from the Office For Victims of Crime. Intended as an empowering support group for women to address long-term issues and the unspoken journey of healing that survivors of domestic violence face after leaving their abuser, My Life My Soul also works with the faith based community by providing them with information and strategies to help address domestic violence within their own congregations, including tools and educational activities designed to: Understand and recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and abuse, including spiritual abuse, Support members of their congregations who are seriously impacted by domestic violence, Hold abusers accountable, Create a zero tolerance environment, and Locate and work with supportive resources in the community. About My Life My Soul My Life My My Soul is a domestic violence program of the East Harlem Churches and Community Urban Center in New York. My Life My Soul focuses on raising awareness through community education projects including workshop facilitation and public speaking. The goal of My Life My Soul is to empower women through open discussions on how domestic abuse affects their lives as survivors; to explore issues not openly talked about that a woman faces after leaving her abuser; to eliminate isolation; to exchange valuable information and provide emotional support; to explore individual self-image and reinforce self-confidence. My Life My Soul is also an interactive, live internet talk-radio show that focuses on domestic violence and its impact on survivors. Callers are encouraged to call (646) 716-5556 to listen or share their experience. The show will be hosted live every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern on

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