Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Renee “Soooo Brooklyn” Jennings

What if people were to replace the written meaning of words in dictionaries across the continents with a picture of a person who exemplifies the definition? Words like eclectic, intricate, spunky, fearless, resourceful, and steadfast would certainly be among the adjectives in which this often categorized “superwoman” would be defined. A woman who predicted her own fate at the tender age of twelve; announcing she would indeed live in New York City one day and be in the entertainment business. This luminous female could not hide her shine even in the midst of the most catastrophic tragedy. After all, she is and always has been cut from the echelons of that old school “big momma” kind of strength. She is a writer, model, trendsetter, mentor, entrepreneur, advocate, radio show host, and quite frankly one of the biggest diversified personalities to ever reign in the complicated walls of society. She is Renee “Soooo Brooklyn” Jennings. Born in 1980 Renee seemed destined to surpass any obstacles put in front of her. Being an only child until the age of fifteen, Renee spent a lot of her time immersed in her grandmother and aunt’s record collection. Listening to Roberta Flack and Stevie Wonder, she would close her eyes and feel each word that was sung and listen to each chord played until she became one with the melody. That passion for music, lead her to explore what she could do if she started to write her own songs. By age ten, she could rap Queen Latifah and Monie Loves, “Ladies First,” like she wrote it herself and in turn, could write lyrics like a polished emcee. She began writing everything from short stories to poetry. Often entering writing contests that landed her winning entries such as the one she entered regarding the values her grandmother taught her that landed her lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her journalism career began to blossom in high school; interviewing Queen Latifah, r&b group, Silk and activist like Dick Gregory, for her school newspaper. In 1999, she left Washington, DC and moved to New York City. Her 10 year span in the city that never sleeps has afforded her many opportunities. After attending Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, her desires to immediately place herself in the entertainment industry, lead her to leave college and go out on her own. The results of this often criticized decision were astounding. Renee has been the music editor for Full Bloom Inc. She also had the opportunity to be one of the associate producers and co-host of the hit talk show on Fusebox Radio called "Her Voice." She has been a freelance audio and print journalist for,, and Heavy Rotation Magazine. She has interviewed countless celebrities such as, Too $hort, Jagged Edge, Russell Simmons, Sway, Beenie Man, Krucial Keys and Roy Jones, Jr., and Buffie the Body. Renee is the on-air host and producer of her own Internet talk radio show, "Sarcasm with No Chaser." The show was started in July 2007 as an avenue for people to speak their minds freely and listen to more than just the average rotation of music that plays on local radio stations. Renee has also been featured as an independent woman of the month on In February 2008, she was selected as one of the models for the 2008 Spring/Summer collection photo shoot for Blur Custom Dezign that took place in Buffalo, NY. She also formed her own company; R. Media Group. The company specializes in all aspects of entertainment writing and event public relations. In October 2008, Renee co-starred in the Sharon McGhee's The Pocketbook Monologues; where she performed at the Sage Theater in Times Square, New York. Currently, her projects include public relations via R. Media Group for Blissful Elegance Events Meeting in the Ladies Room: “Flashing Lights & Lip-Gloss” event and the kick-off of Belle-Noir’s Curves and Cocktails event. Renee resides in Brooklyn, New York with her first love; Hip-Hop. Contact info: Email:

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