Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nidelka Mayers

As President and CEO of A1 Technology & Travel and Founder of the Affair Group “Your Wedding Affair, Honeymoon Affair and Gifts Affair”, she oversees the marketing direction, technical development and quality control of the entire company. In addition, she is the driving force behind the long-range planning and strategic development that has made The Affair Group a unique woman wend company that specializes in events and strategic marketing. A “hands-on” Chief Executive, she is accessible, determined, with an eye to detail, single-minded in her vision of the Affair Group as the prime force in the event planning market of the 22 century. Ready to take on the next challenge and confident that her experience combine with education gives her the unique set of skills necessary to succeed in the event production and publishing industry. In 2006 Mayers’ strategically partners to create Harlem Weddings Bridal Show, producing the first Harlem Wedding guide and bridal show that features a different for theme each event. A native of the Republic of Panama, motivated and enthusiastic Mayers; the woman whose background consist of 15 years of management, marketing, event planning and customer service experience holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science, certification in business administration and project management, travel and wedding consultant.

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