Monday, February 6, 2012

William Keeby - Tall Dark & SINGLE

1. What do you find attractive about plus size women?

1. I have rarely date a skinny woman. I love women of all sizes but I definitely love curveaous ones more. I find that you can hug a plus size woman and see there grace and beauty. I like a woman that reminds me of the strong women in my family. Most in my family are plus size. Thick thighs ,full lips, and thick hips are all attractive qualities. Secondly I have never met a plus size woman who didn't know how to enjoy themselves and was not the life of the party.

2. Have you always been attracted to plus size women.

2. Yes I have always been attracted to plus size women. My first girl was plus sized and very confident.

3. At what age did you realize that you were attracted to plus size women?

3. I have always been attracted to plus size women. I was always around plus size women. My aunts grandmothers and mom are all plus size.

4. When you found out that you were attracted to plus size women did you admitted it right away or did you hid it from others?.

4. I never hide who I liked. I was a free spirit who just saw a person I liked not their size.

5.What advise if any would you give a plus size women looking for a man that will appreciate and love her for herself?

5. My advice to any women plus sized or otherwise is this choose wisely. Get to know the person rather then get caught up in the looks and how they treat you. If you have never met his family or friends then find someone else because he isn't going to do right by you. If he doesn't look you in the eyes when he tells you how he feels about you then he maybe gaming you. Please first and foremost love yourself because self esteem is the most important part to having a relationship. You can't allow someone else to love you if you don't love yourself first. Lastly dress in what makes you feel good. A real man will always see your beautiful no matter what you wear.

Stay positive .

William K..