Thursday, February 2, 2012

Armando Jardine - Older & Wiser

1. What do you find attractive about plus size women?

What’s not attractive about them… The simile I use is tires, why have regular tread when you can have all seasonal

2. Have you always been attracted to plus size women?

Truthfully no but as I got older and a little wiser to certain things I’ve enjoyed their company especially the women who are sure of themselves

3. At what age did you realize that you were attracted to plus size women?

My Late twenties

4. When you found out that you were attracted to plus size women did you admitted it right away or did you hid it from others?

Im from a different breed of Man I’m not embarrass of things that are God sent

5.What advise if any would you give a plus size women looking for a man that will appreciate and love her for herself?

Be herself and he will find her

Name: Armando Jardine

Age 38

Location: Virginia

Status: In a Relationship

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Anonymous said...

Nigga...this Morgan!! Marines 93/94...Lol. ..damn dont know if you gone get this. If so hit me 501-672-3640.

Dont have face book and all that other bs. I just did a Google search of your name and this picture popped up....

Lol....damn I hope you get this