Friday, February 10, 2012

Glen L Johnson - A Real Southern Gentlemen

1. What do you find attractive about plus size women?

To be honest it took me years to be able to answer that question. For lack of better words I just like the bigness of a plus size woman. Having something to hold on to is a good thing to me it makes me feel good to know that the person I am holding does not feel like she is going to break. Of course in typical guy fashion I like boobs, butt, hips, and a great smile.

2. Have you always been attracted to plus size women

Yes. In all of my years of dating and almost 20 years of marriage I have only been with two women who would not be considered plus size. Back to the previous answer there is nothing like the bigness of a plus size woman to get my juices flowing.

3. At what age did you realize that you were attracted to plus size women?

I think I have always been attracted to larger women but I think it came to a head when I was twenty-two living in Houston, TX. It amazed me at the size of ladies and how great they looked. I found myself in a few embarrassing situations looking at ladies as they walked by.

4. When you found out that you were attracted to plus size women did you admitted it right away or did you hid it from others?

At the time I was living in Texas and eventually working in the construction industry in which guys talk about ladies all the time. I would talk about how I liked larger women and though at first I got teased eventually they left me alone when they realized the teasing would to no good. Additionally, I started to see some of the same guys that would only date smaller women start to date plus size women.

5.What advise if any would you give a plus size women looking for a man that will appreciate and love her for herself?

Believe him when he tells you that he loves you just the way you are. The quickest way to get rid of a man that loves big women is to lose weight. Unless you have a significant amount of history with him to get beyond the surface items your size is what attracted him your intellect and attitude is what will keep him. Additionally, though you may be plus size do not let that be what defines you.

Glen L Johnson, MBA

45 yrs old

Little Rock, AR


Glen L Johnson is the voice behind Full Figure Plus. At 45 years old living in Little Rock, Arkansas Glen is a full time blogger making a living from a medium he did not know existed before October of 2004. Glens' goal is to provide a male perspective to the world of plus size fashion.

Named one of The 40 Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs Full Figure Plus has allowed Glen the opportunity to be a part of historic events like the JMS Style Symposium, Full Figured Fashion Week™ in New York, and Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ in Los Angeles.

Additionally, Glen graduated with honors from Ashford University in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. In 2011 he earned an MBA with an entrepreneurship specialization. Academic honors include the dean’s list, a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

The success of Full Figure Plus lead to the official launching of Full Figure Network, Inc. a parent company with several projects in the works to further promote activities within the plus community. With thousands of monthly visitors from 158 countries viewing millions of pages Glen works hard to not only show the best in plus fashion but keep readers up to date on the most relevant issues affecting the plus size community.

A quick glimpse of my story:

For years my bride to be was having a problem finding a bra and panty set. Being at the time a size 42H it was impossible to find a decent bra through normal channels. We would spend at times sixty dollars or more on a single bra with no matching panty to go with it. Being the nosey guy that I am I struck out to search the Internet to find affordable lingerie for the one that I love. After a few months of cataloging links from every category imaginable, including lingerie I would occasionally share the links with others. I then read a business article about blogging and made the decision to combine the shopping links and my own unique voice with this new platform, and thus in the Fall of 2004 Full Figure Plus a blog dedicated to plus size fashion and more was born. What started out as a hobby now serves over 60,000 monthly visitors and a source of income for my family.

I hope this has given you a nice glimpse into my world and how blogging has changed my life forever. If your plus size or better still a plus size blogger I would love to hear from you about different sites you frequent or your experiences as a blogger. Feel free to contact me at anytime at