Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Survive the Recession

Here are a few tips to survive the recession: Go through your closets, drawers etc collect all the have empty bottles of shampoo, lotion and perfume and resolve not to buy new ones until those bottles are empty When cooking dinner add a little more rice or noodles to the pot and pack up the leftovers for lunch for the week ( a possible savings of $25.00) Purchase a jar of instant coffee/tea/hot chocolate, creamer, sugar/sweetener and a bag of frozen bagels and bring your breakfast to work in the morning ( a possible savings of $6.25) Collect all that loose change in your purses and the junk drawer wrap those bad boys up and walk them to the bank (I had $115.000 worth of loose changes) Calculate how much money you will need per week and only visit the ATM once until your next check (**Only use your banks ATM this will eliminate banking fees and make you more aware of your spending habits)

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Brickhouse said...

Cool! I'm already doing most of these. I hadn't been collecting the loose change. But I knew I should start when my son got a digital football bank for Christmas. (It shouts "touchdown!" whenever you put coins in it.) He got $26 in the first two days! Mommy needs to start getting some touchdowns, too. ;)